Remote Working Tool Kit

Tip: You can use a remote launch file again. Keep the file for next time.

Note: We have removed access to the File Explorer App as it has proven problematic with opening documents.

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Communication Tools

With Microsoft Teams you can connect with colleagues by searching for their email address. Communicate via text chat, voice or webcam. Invite people to a Teams meeting using the calendar section.

For webmail please use Outlook Online. You can also download our remote launch file for the full Outlook program. Remote launch files can be saved and used again (same with SIMS).

You can also add your school email to Outlook on your device. When creating a account choose options for Office 365 or Exchange. The other settings should be automatic. You can download Outlook for Windows or Mac OS below.


Download Microsoft Office for free

Microsoft Office 365 includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. Download and install on your computer for free, using your school email address and password.

Full Remote Desktop (Try using above first please)

It is usually faster to access our resources using the tiles above rather than logging on to remote desktop.

Remote SIMS and Remote Outlook are now available above.


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